What to expect from the Su-27SM next update

After much speculation on whether the Su-27SM would be added to the game since the current Su-27S cannot carry R-77s, the latest dev-blog appears to show an Su-27SM

How do we know this is an Su-27SM
Setting aside the R-77s, we can confirm this isn’t the normal Su-27S by looking at 2 things,

  1. The IRST pod

in game, the Su-27S IRST is mounted in the center while in this picture its slightly off to the left

Normal IRST:

  1. The paint scheme
    in the dev blog picture, the Su-27 has a Deep blue paint scheme which is not featured in game, add to that, in real life the Su-27SMs are painted with this color

Screenshot 2024-05-24 141120

what to expect from the Su-27SM (weaponry and equipment)

  • Missiles/bombs (guided)

  • R-73

  • R-73L (laser prox fuse R-73)

  • R-27R

  • R-27ER

  • R-27T

  • R-27ET

  • R-77

  • Kh-29TD

  • KAB-500Kr-E

  • KAB-1500Kr

  • Khibiny ECM pod (unlikely)


  • SPO L-150 RWR
    The SPO L-150 RWR is a new direction-based RWR instead of the old sensor-based ones like the SPO-15LM

  • SPO L-150 RWR:
    Screenshot 2024-05-25 154428
    Screenshot 2024-05-25 155113
    Screenshot 2024-05-25 155150

N001V radar
while information on this radar is limited, it features

  • Increased Range: The ability to detect targets farther away.
  • Improved Tracking: Better accuracy in following targets.
  • Enhanced Detection: Ability to pick up on smaller or stealthier targets.
  • Multi-Target Tracking: Capability to track and engage multiple targets simultaneously (if the N001 struggled with this).
  • Advanced Signal Processing: Improved filtering and interpretation of radar signals.

A new cockpit
The Su-27SM has most of its analogue displayed and steam gauges replaced with MFDs (multi-function displays) for those sim battles players/VR enjoyers


SPO L-150 vs SPO 15-LM

SPO L-150
Screenshot 2024-05-25 155113
Screenshot 2024-05-25 155150

Screenshot 2024-05-25 154418
Screenshot 2024-05-25 154623




that’s the end of this post, watch out for one on the F-15C soon