What to do if report options exhausted?

I’ve written quite a few bug reports and helped make suggestions over the years, but that relies on a system that properly processes bug reports and suggestions. What if that system fails?

There’s one report I’ve made several times over, about the model of the Merkava 4 series. It includes multiple separate issues.
I reported it in the bug report site, but it was labeled over and over as ‘not a bug’. Example:

I’ve tried suggesting it in the suggestions section. Nothing as well.
Contacting mods did not help.

What do we do if there’s something that’s so clearly a bug but Gaijin insists that it isn’t? Where do we report it? How do we create a debate?

Post it on the Russian forums. They actually read those.

I don’t see any pictures or anything posted with the bug report.
they can’t be bothered to go and look themselves, so if you don’t provide them with the proof they close the report.

though they have marked all other reports stating the same bug as not a bug.
many reports were initially marked with “acknowledged” and have since been changed to “not a bug”.
seems they have decided it was not a bug.

Are they?

There’s a screenshot section, the photos are attached there. In this case, only 1 photo was needed.

Gaijin decided by themselves it’s not a bug but they haven’t provided any form of evidence. Real tankers provided hard proof it’s a bug, but were dismissed with the one liner “not a bug”.

Gaijin needs to have some accountability here. If they have the sources to prove it’s not a bug, they should provide it. Otherwise provide a platform where the “not a bug” label can be disputed.

Yes, they’ve stated in the past that they tend to read those forums and pay more attention to them since it’s their native language.

With the current heading of the game, we might as well shift to making suggestions in Chinese.

Maybe it’s really not a Bug, but an intended “Feature”?

I mean… Armor wise it was already proven many times over and over again, that the Ingame modeled armor values are wrong regarding the Merkava’s…


Gaijin already said they’re okay with messing around with soft stats like armor protection and reload rates for balance purposes. But wrong models? That they typically want to avoid.