What the heck is this?

There seems to be an addition onto the Gepard 1A2 that is not on the Gepard 1.
can anyone tell me what it is?
Yes dont mind my SL and GE counts. This is totally not my main account.

Siemens laser rangefinder. It was added on later versions of Gepard A1 (vehicles without are 5PFZ-B2 standard, vehicles with were 5PFZ-B2L). The ones with LRF were the ones upgraded to A2 standard


oh thanks man

Now if only it would get its FAPDS ammo


please ive been waiting for it for so long

honestly if they are so worried about it being used like a tank destroyer they should just give it td spawn points like adats and co if necesary

nah it barely has 40 rounds of apds and the guns are squinted so firing at T series tanks at close upis mostly ineffective.
plus the armour cant even withstands 12.7mm

i mean with a full fapds belt, the fapds was used as main ammo belt and not in the side storage if i remember right

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now this… does put a smile on my face…

thats the whole reason the gepard doesnt get the FAPDS as balancing reason, if they only used it in the side storage maybe, but the FAPDS is used as main ammo since it is supposed for increased range against fast targets

well considering the obnoxiously effective 2S38 LIGHT TANK with proxy fuse he shells is better at taking down any air target than the gepard… FAPds is the least they could give it.
oh and fix the PUMAs AHEAD shell… which the Gepard could also use

i agree with fixing AHEAD for Puma realy needed,

there i have to dissapoint you, while the Gepard is able to fire it, the ahead would only work when penetrated , the gepard 1a2 lacks the programming rings to actualy programm them sadly

thats sad ngl.
the wiki page says the AHEAD round is an ‘Anti missile round’…
whats with that? and i also saw a video of a ukrainian gepard shoot down a missile
theres also the ATOM round which it says is an airburst round…

It is an anti aircraft round, specialized for air denial of missles and drones, but can of course be used for generaly aircraft as well. a laser range finder calculates the distance to the aircraft and normaly automaticaly programms the round.
The round opens a distance away from the target 10-100m and ejects over 162 tungsten balls, they are programmed to release at different distances as a result their is a giant cloud of projectiles in the air that shoot hundreds of meters and hit the target, basicaly the target gets peppered by a lot of 7.62mm rounds if you wanna think about it like that + the main core that still exists as well

the gepard just used good old precision to shoot targets down, pretty much all cannon based systems are anti missle drone systems at this point since glide bombs missles etc all got a higher range then them

not well versed, if i found the right thing you mean a turkish weapon system? it should work pretty much the same as AHEAD /KETF , since air burst means release of fragmentation in the air

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idk if its turkish or not but yeah thats the gist of its operation.

sadly ive noticed that the radar lead indicator isnt doing us much justice. i have to lead a bit further and a bit higher than whats shown to score hits. and the indicator is quite unstable. u have any tips on playing it other than restricting the guns to ranges below 2.3km?

noop sadly not much advice didnt play to much gepard yet myself either, sad thing apparently it still has the best radar lead of all similar spaas, what i tend to do is shoot along the targeting line a bit and try to compensate the height mistakes

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thats not a bad idea tbh

yeah, goal of that from me is to compensate for any speed changes the person might make, you can add slight cricle motions to compensate for direction changes as well

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