What the AMX 50 loaders should really look like

  • correct the automatic loader and bring its model to its historical appearance
  • No, that’s okay, too.
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Well, this is another of my attempts to popularize the problem with AMX-50 tanks, and I think from the title you understand what problem we will talk about.
So, I will not delay with the introduction, let’s go!

(AMX M4 will not be dealt with, as Gaijin did everything right)

TO 100 (the one on SOMUA SM). This is where the Gaijin have gone completely wrong. In reality there should be an oval automatic loader for 9 shells and 2 more additional ones (below and under the roof) But Gaijin do not think so, for the automatic loader was made round and also stole the 9th shell. Also shoved into the turret munitions with HE shells from TO 90, which is not on the drawings.


Original blueprints


TOA 100 (the one on the AMX 50 and Lorraine 40t), there isn’t any information about how the autoloader should look like. But I suspect that the device will be the same as TO 100

TO 90/930 (the one on the B-C 25t). As you can see from the drawings the number of shells is correct, as it should be - 12 in the automatic loader, but there are problems with the model. The autoloader should be oval shaped + the 12th shell should be on the tray. The remaining 4 shells are located incorrectly - 2 should be in the stern of the turret + 2 at the bottom.


Original blueprints

Now get ready, sit down if you are standing and lie down if you are sitting, because what Gaijin did with TOA 120 (the one on AMX-50 Surblindé) is a real nightmare. Instead of a turret with a square drum under the gun for 11 shells and another small drum at the rear of the turret for 6 shells (+one shell on the tray), Gaijin has crammed into TOA 120 an automatic loader from TOB 120, which does not even fit in TOA!

In general, I want to say that devs not only not correctly modeled tanks, but also nerfed French tanks.


Original blueprints:



Make bug reports for these if they don’t already exist, Gaijin won’t notice a small forum post like this