What Sources for Vehicle change?

So I was wondering if the Mods could give us an official guide on what Sources are valid and which arent?

Obviously its undisclosed files but I have seen very well written source labeled as invalid and a YouTube Link as valid.

Thats seems kinda unfair and not right. So I was wondering if we the Players could get an official guide?


Anything that comes from USA military - Bad.

Anything that comes from Russian defence ministry - Good


Thats why SEP V2 is a joke HAHA

Maybe @Stona_WT can get something rolling regarding my post?

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@Stona_WT I would love to see the sources Gaijin used for modeling the T-90M. They cannot be classified, so it would be fair to show them to the community. Set the standard, so same level of evidence can be presented for the rest of the nations.

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