What premiums to buy and how?

I want to grind multiple tech trees for tanks, and possibly airplanes, and I want to buy some high tier premiums.
The problem is i dont have other high tier vehicles, and i dont like dying and not being able to respawn in other vehicles, and i dont want to burn through the 20 backups that I receive for that premium vehicle.

Is there any other strategy to grind fast a tech tree, while being confortable?

I have permANENT premium account btw

DO NOT buy a top tier without playing your way there, you will get stomped to all heck and not enjoy yourself.

if you really want to then buy a mid tier (rank 5-6 somewhere) vehicle in a tech tree you like to help you grind. that way it goes faster and you get a feel for how a premium helps you and if you aren’t already that high in rank then you also get a feel for how different it is to play higher up, and the step from 5-6 to top tier is at least just as big (especially for planes).

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I’d recommend instead buying a premium at the tier you’re already at that fits into a lineup you want. That way, you can play it well and spade vehicles while doing so. Buying a high tier premium is, in my view, worth it only if you already have high tier vehicles to run it in a lineup with.

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Buy a premium vehicle of a BR you already have and are comfortable with. Do NOT, under ANY circumstances buy high tier premiums before getting comfortable with the battle rating. If it’s a tank, you will be a 1 respawn “team filler”; if it’s a plane you will get overwhelmed with all the new mechanics thrown at you and either abandon the plane or, worse, become a base bomber - another type of player who contributes nothing to the team but takes up a slot.

What necromania said is on point , i am on same boat as you i started with britain , had a lot fun till i reached centurions after that was just painfull , but probably because i am not experienced in game.

Switched to russia and i reached the T-54’s , around 8.0 is a misery to play those personally , no stab , no LR etc and you meet people with those , i almost gave up on russia but i will get the T55a first.

What i can say is , if you plan on buying premium to speed up grind get up to 6.0 , because what people said is true , the higher you go the more experienced people you will meet and other mechanics , like missiles , tanks fully stabilized etc…

One interesting thing i discover when i was researching about all tanks in the tier i was playing , is china have the best 8.0 tanks imo , the light tank and Type 69 are fully stabilized and the M4 has thermals and LRF , but again is my opinion and im fairly new in game.

I would also recommend waiting for may sale if you plan on getilting premium vehicles.