What new bugs am I missing?

Since the update naval is, in my opinion, a mess.I wanted to go over some of the issues I’ve been experiencing and find out if they are considered bugs by you or not, and find any I may have missed.

  1. Infinite repair loop (fixed)
  2. Ships surviving with 0% crew. Sometimes the crew flashes between 0% and a small % or crew left
  3. Target ship “flashing” or generally not being consistent in the targeting window
  4. Loss of targeting reticle at random times
  5. HE damage model in general. It seems like they will have to fix existing armor gaps in every single ship. Expect this to be completed in time for the Sun to run out of hydrogen
  6. Fast firing ships like SKR causing a visible red damage ring isn’t he middle of the display with accompanying sound effects that stays regardless if that ship stops hitting you,
  7. No or nearly invisible flooding/unrepairable breech notifications.
  8. Inconsistent flooding. Some giant ships sinking at 1% per second.
  9. Very inaccurate range finder information. Lead indicators that are very far off in arcade.

Anyone else experiencing these or other issues?.


Couldn’t “0% crew” just be 0.4% or something?

“HE damage model”, or more accurately all explosive types having a higher shrapnel count, is working fine… it’s just that a higher shrapnel count means it’s more reliable in what/where it flies (as intended), which has the side effect of it going through gaps which already existed more frequently.

The holes always needed to be fixed, this just serves to make those needed fixes more apparent. It’s actually a good way to find them, really.

The rest I haven’t noticed, though I can’t say they don’t exist.

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I did say the gaps already existed. I was hoping it wasn’t too much to ask to fix those BEFORE introducing a new mechanic that makes armor irrelevant.

The 0% crew bug didn’t exist before the patch, and considering you can continue to hit the ship for quite some time after it reaches 0% crew, I don’t think that’s the case.


the new collision warning continues after changing into a plane - this is very annoying!

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