What nation should i play?

So recently i have been heavily struggling with US 6.7 and realized that US tanks arent really my playstyle.I have the air tree almost finished out tho.I have grinded USSR aviation to like 8.0 and USSR tanks to 5.0. I also have grinded out swedish planes to 9.0 and their tanks to 8.0 but stopped due to the enormous repair costs.

Any recommendations on trees i should try?

Germany air is a great one if you like WWII planes.

I mean the ground tree.In german air im at like rank 3 but the whole german tree seems pretty boring

The US has a wide variety and the 6.7 lineup is one of the more debated ones. But if your heart is set on switching perhaps turn to China due to its wide variety of East-West equipment, in the future its air tree is only going to get bigger and i could see it becoming a ‘big-4’ nation.


The only good choice of the bunch.


Play one that you are interested in even when you lose.

Don’t give up on the US one’s after 8.7 they get pretty good depands on your play style, i would say russia is really good also after 7.7 and at top tier they really good

I like britian but they are over powerd by russia