What land vehicles does war thunder needs?

In my opinion it needs an spanish sub-tech tree for Italy.
And of cources, the BMPT terminator is missing.

another sub tree for italy? Nah perhaps romania. I mean The spanish vehicles could be premium in the italian, as well as the german tree. But two sub nations seems too much rn. I think gaijin will add the leopard 2a7hu later on and 2a8 for italy and i think thats more than enough. I could also see spain going to france but im not sure about the ties those countries have.

I’m not sure if Spain has enough to justify an entire sub-tree for Italy, but an event, premium, or squadron Leopard 2E would be nice for Italy.

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Nope, Italy have his Ariete and never smelled one Leo 2E. The Leo 2E is an improved variant of the german Leopard 2A6EX, so I’d rather have it on Germany or Adding Spain as a nation in the game.

As i said before if you want spanish vehicles in the game, Spain should be a indedpendent nation in War Thunder. Italy already has the Hungary tech trees, they don´t need mores sub tech trees.


LOL. That is a terrible idea.

Italy is still limited to the Arietes at top tier, which generally suck. Italy could use another sub tree to improve there. There is no rule that a tech tree can’t have more than one sub-tree.

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With the addition of the 2A7V Italy probably is going to get one in the near future so…

I don’t feel like arguing with anyone about the nations in the game. So if you say so, it’s up to you

Are light vehicles with ATGM and RR the future?
Do we need more mid tier vehicles ,for fill the gaps,or just rush top tier to vehicles that have not entered in service yet?
Or just…?

I’m not sure about need per se, but China could use an IFV or support vehicle in tier 6. The ZBD86A and ZBD04A would be good choices.


I’d love to see some late CV-90s and even a couple export variants (czech one as an event vehicle, maybe one for italy, and the british test one)

Which one for Italy? It doesn’t use CV90.

Puma S1
2A4 C-tech w/DM33
E-series tanks))

T-62M mod.2022

Tracked Rapier
Stormer 30
Churchill AVRE
Rooikat MTTD (120)

Ho-Ri Remodel


I’ll leave the other nations to ppl with more knowledge

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Balkan nation export