What kind of prem plane can be added to France for rank 7. Choosing for a future offer

I want to ask the forum members. Which France could add a Fighter or an attack aircraft to the premium branch of France for rank 7. I will consider all proposals.

You can offer all possible export vehicles, perhaps even an aircraft not made in France or co-produced with France.

Write its name with a modification. In “Hide under spoiler" you can add some videos, photos or websites with information (tactical and technical characteristics, flight and tactical characteristics). Everything will be used for future offers.
Most likely there will be several of them. Maybe rank 6. You can also specify this next to the name of the aircraft.

Why premium?..

France has only now the only F1C-200, according to reviews and video reviews of all YouTubers, this is the most mediocre premium package for 70 dollars. Now it would not hurt to have an airplane, for example, Mirage 2000D-R1, he had, for example, several versions of R2, R3. Or a purely fighter, like 2000C-S5

Wouldn’t be surprised to see the Mirage 2000C-S3 used in the future either for event or late premium. Would still carry the 530f but would have a nice airframe to use.

This is what should become a premium in return F1C-200, or added it at least in this patch, I would buy it even by pre-order.