What ist the best Rank 7/8 Plane for GB for fighting

Im getting Close to Rank 7 and i want to which plane is worth grinding for.

Well, what to use in UK rank 7/8. Well, your best shots are Shar FRS1 early and later Harrier Gr7. In rank 7 you have Jag, that is a ground attacker, adn 2 Phantoms that get constant uptiers to 12.3 where they do nothing. In rank 8 you have Tornado Gr1 that is a bomber and Tornado F3 that can work but gets uptiered to 12.3 where everything outclasses it. Both harriers are subsonic, but with nozzle controll you can make them work in the AA way. They both get good missiles and you can take bombs with them to destroy some ground targets.

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