What is your technique for knowing where to shoot?

I am looking for the Soviet aviation I grind well seen that I am at the Mig - 15bis. But the Soviets had this “wonderful” idea of putting only 200 rounds of ammunition. So I have to keep my ammunition and fire only when I’m sure to touch it. Except I’m never sure when is - what I’m going to hit the enemy. I’m pretty bad at killing moving planes even when they’re close, hopefully I’ll get some help^^

I recommend you decouple the large and small calibre guns first, helps with ammo conservation.
Second, two to three round bursts are very helpful at that too.
I mean, the migs just take a lot of practice to get used to, not really a lot more to say other than that, so my best advice is just get practicing.

yeah but i training since the mig - 9 and i dont do any good game max i do its a an assistance and worse everytime

Hm. Well to start, the MiG-15 is best utilized as a pure turnfighter, rolls badly though so keep that in mind, it also excels in vertical fights. Not much else I can add there.
Oh also, always go for the most potent fighters on the enemy team first, then work your way down into furrballs.

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Click on test flight goto mission editor set to head to head combat and select enemy plane with max number, and friendly with lowest. Shoot a zillion bots to get your aim down. Yes it’s not the same as shooting players who are evading, but if you aren’t hitting anything right now its a decent start

Just practice, when I first got this aircraft (albeit the German one) I thought it sucked, but after playing it for hours I finally got it, if you’re having trouble, boom and zoom, get people into verticals, when they are at the top of their zoom, deploy landing flaps and blast them.

Get up close and personal. The 23s are like water guns in terms of ballistics, you need to get really close for that shitty shell velocity to do something.

If you want practice at shooting moving targets, put your Mig into a lineup, open the Test Flight menu, and on lower left select Mission Editor. This will open a single player scenario screen where you can configure to fight a high number of NPC aircraft which will provide you with some moving targets.