What is this weird tank twitching on even surface?

Sometimes, when you are on a weird surface, your tank quickly twitches. I mean real quick that can not be physically possible for that tank . This time however, it happened to me after i was shot. Thiskind of shit really breaks your aim that you can not properly shoot at targets 30 meter or farther than you properly. I recorded a summary of what I mean.

Gun twitching
Whole Tank Twitching

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This is looking like it may be desync related. I am not too sure but something from the server isn’t lining up with your client.


I think its to simulate that the vehicle is not stable. If assuming its not just a bug.

You’ll notice that it will twitch when turning and when bumping into something or another vehicle.

Yeah, problem is the tank itself can not twitch in reallife that fast. It is probably a bug with collision physics.

I think of it as princess and the pea, when that one pebble just destabilizes your entire tank, just move a little bit and the wobbling stops.

Yeah but I was immobilized in the video and couldn’t move for repair duration :D