What is this thing for? A-4s

what is this thing for and how it work? I’m so curious about this and thought it’s a camara for looking the target.

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refueling probe

I think he means the thing under the nose. Looks like maybe a landing light

oh yeah idk then

sorry guys i forgot to mark where i asking for. just fixed it now

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Maybe used to designate a target? Like the laser designator we’ve got in-game but I don’t know just a guess.

Yeah, I think that might actually be a camera, but I dont think its accessible in game. But cant find any info on it

Only thing I found with a quick google was:

Douglas A-4M Skyhawk.

which was for the A-4M. So best guess a TV camera

Those look like antenna’s for the RWR.

There’s more on the back of the plane.

edit - actually, googling suggests antennas for an ECM system as well

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That’s for the A-4E (or another similar variant)


On the US A-4E at the bottom it’s houses AN/ALQ-51 ECM (the pointy antenna) and AN/APR-25 RWR
On the Israeli ones I think it’s an RWR and ECM part of the Elisra system


The Angle Rate Bombing Set(ARBS) AN/ASB-19 replaced the radar in the nose so it isn’t that.

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it is TV from what i found on DuckDuckGo. here is the website

and in your Youtube video said " Laser spot and Television tracker"
so it is TV tracker with laser guided

this is the comment in that video

for the US A-4E it is AN/ALQ-51
from what i found is

  • AN/ALQ-51 S/E/F-Band Deception Jammer and Track Breaker; manufactured by Sanders; used with AN/ALQ-41; used in F-4, A-4, F-8E/J, A-3, A-5A, RA-5C, RF-101, Ryan 147F; related to QRC-377
  • AN/ALQ-41 X-Band Track Breaker; manufactured by Sanders; used with AN/ALQ-51; used in A-3, RA-5C, A-5A, A-6A, EA-6B, F-14; tested in EB-57, F-101

look like it’s a jammer.

but on the Israeli A-4E, the model in game is look like TV tracker like A-4N Ayit.

Oh the Sources is from here


AN/ASB-19 ARBS installation of the Skyhawk is this window on the tip of the nose

It was on USMC A-4Ms and installed on the same location in Israeli A-4Ns
The antennas under the nose of Israeli Skyhawks pre-date the ARBS installation

Black circle looks like a RWR spiral antenna to me