What is the T-72 Moderna's max speed in Arcade?

Hello guys. I have a question for moderna tank.
The WarthunderWIKI says the max speed of moderna is 67km in arcade mode, but it shows 66km on my moderna in game.
Is there any possibility that wiki got a wrong information? or is it only my tank issue?

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Could be an error, or the wiki and the game use different methods for rounding decimal numbers.

For example, the most common and scientifically approved method of rounding decimals is that .5 to .9 is rounded up, while .1 to .4 is rounded down. (1)

Perhaps either the wiki or the game simply rounds the number to the “base number”, without considering the decimals. (2)

Example when using 66,6 km/h as a reference velocity:
66,6 km/h becomes 67 when using the correct method (1), while 66,6 km/h becomes 66 when using the other one (2).

Just speculating though. Most likely the in-game speed changed at some point, perhaps the gear ratios got updated, and the wiki just hasn’t been updated since that.

After that long side-track, back to your question. I’d say the in-game speed is more reliable, so probably 66 km/h. It’s not an issue on your end in any case.

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Nah the game rounds using method 1.

I’ve noticed a lot that the wiki generally says top speed values that are 1 km/h too high. Very common.

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