What is the fastest way to grind U.S.S.R./Russia

The title explains itself. (i just want the MiG-29)

Mig 23 ml premium, thats it

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As of now, without considering hidden premiums and packs, the best way that I may think of is as follows:

Purchase Be-6 and grind for all tier I to V vehicles. Grind in a squadron for Su-22M3, Talisman it, and grind for all the rest.

Thats not fast squadron vehicles need months

Then from Be-6, grind for Il-28/Il-28Sh. From there, grind for Su-7BKL, and then Su-17M2.

Buy the MiG-21S R-13-300, use that to grind through rank VII, then talisman something like the MiG-23 and grind rank VIII with that