What is the fastest way to grind U.S.S.R./Russia

The title explains itself. (i just want the MiG-29)

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Mig 23 ml premium, thats it

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As of now, without considering hidden premiums and packs, the best way that I may think of is as follows:

Purchase Be-6 and grind for all tier I to V vehicles. Grind in a squadron for Su-22M3, Talisman it, and grind for all the rest.

Thats not fast squadron vehicles need months

Then from Be-6, grind for Il-28/Il-28Sh. From there, grind for Su-7BKL, and then Su-17M2.

Buy the MiG-21S R-13-300, use that to grind through rank VII, then talisman something like the MiG-23 and grind rank VIII with that

Dont buy the mig21s f13 its really difficult to master bc the missiles are trash and the gun has limited ammo also but its good no flares and atm constant uptiers