What is the expected time line for France being given a tech tree IFV

I would like to know when France will become viable at top tier


Another major update is going to go by without this critically important vehicle class being included in a major tech tree which has ample vehicles able to take its place including one which was added as a premium.

If this game is not pay to win then why is the only IFV in France a premium vehicle?

France still does not have a tech tree IFV

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France was not the only one which doesn’t have a high BR TT IFV nation, same as China, British, Israel…

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Yes I’ve mentioned this before in multiple other threads but as this post is tagged under France it is France which is in discussion.

China has an IFV courtesy of the event although it’s not a tech tree IFV.

Britain has at least 1 IFV in its tech tree though as you note it is not playable at high tier.

Israel / Italy / Japan all have poor top lineups as they’re all MBTs ignoring Italy’s ability to uptier its Centauros and the recent Freccia none have a top tier SPAA ignoring Italy’s overtiered 2S38.

France has no Tech Tree IFV. France’s only IFV is accessible through a pay wall. Restricting a necessary vehicle behind a paywall is greed. It is disgusting.

The reason why these nations don’t have IFV is because lack of relevant documentation I guess, because it has happened on Chinese TT, I don’t know if there is an official France vehicle provider. As the Chinese official documents provider left, The gaijin only chose those vehicles that the document had been submitted. Unfortunately, there are a few of IFV’s documents left. So I think France has the same issue.

There’s no lack of general information on the IFVs these nations employs Gaijin just hasn’t taken the time to model them as they’re minor nations which means less sales from premium tanks made for those nations.

If it was lack of documents why was the QN506 added? That shit is brand new.

France literally was given a premium IFV instead of copying it and adding it in the tech tree they just restricted it behind a paywall.

Unjustifiable greed. Disgusting behavior.

Nope, QN506 has been submitted at least 2-3 years, even though it is new, but it has complete documents about its weapons( yes, I know Gaijin nerfed some of its abilities)

There are still many documents in detail we don’t know, structure, ammos, crew members position… etc

Maybe it will last a few years…

Gaijin can fudge things this is a video game.

IFVs are a critical component of the modern battlefield and restricting their use from minor nations is an excusable oversight. Restricting them behind a paywall is evidence of greed.

They recently passed the AMX-10RC T40, which is exciting if it comes.

Very, but I would still like a timeline.

They never give timelines for any nations, major nor minor unfortunately.

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