What is the best premium German/USA Top Tier aircraft?

A friend and I are waiting for the Giajin sales, but we didn’t decide. We want a premium tier VI or VII plane. The only requirement is that they be premium fighters and from the German or American branch.
My friend wants the A-10 or the F-4s Phantom II and I want the MiG-21 “Lazur-M”, any opinion/suggestion?

If they are not good options, you can recommend others! Thanks in advance.

Caution with the Premium Phantoms. You may face nothing but 12.3s and they arent well equipped to deal with them. For US, The F-5C or Harrier are probably better choices for ARB

Understood, thanks for the response. Now focusing on the premium German fighters, is the Mig-21 Lazur-M okay?

I have no idea im afraid.

@x_Shini Did you say you had that Mig-21?

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Yes , uptiers is a pain in the ass, you did fly a 10.3 airframe into 12.0 basicaly. You only had access to r60mks and r13m1s ,which is a pain in a bvr meta where everything outshoots you, ot propably was wasted money on my part

That being said right now the Lazu M is getting into a great light. With 12.3 it isnt facing constant uptiers any more and the battles will only get better the more 12.3s get added.
Specialy down Tiers hunting Su25s and A10s is a blast with easy kills, and the recent F5C fuel intake merf might give it an additional edge as well

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