What is coming first? The F-14D with AIM-120’s or the F/A-18A with AIM-7M’s?

Would give the 14D something truly new

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Agile was long dead by the time the D was a twinkle in some engineer’s eyes.

It was a 9L competitor, not a 9X competitor


New cockpit, new (incredibly good) radar, new missiles, new and very potent IRST, and new built in jammer (for when EW is added to the game). it’d be silly not to add it

Agile existed at the time of the f-14D.
Its actually better than the 9L but waay heavier and expensive.
55G and R-73 type IRCCM.

We don’t care about money. We need performance

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And most of all at need balance

Yea. Good point

Agile was a 70s program, and canceled in '75.

The Super Tomcat wouldn’t exist for another 16 years. By then, 9M had come, and follow-on programs were already active (9R and others).


9R wasnt a workable missile iirc but as for the agile, it was even cleared for use on the F-16 so i would surmise that it is compatible

I’m not sure about launcher compatibility, or SEAM integration. It might work but it would probably need retooling, especially for the F-14s advanced FCS


Never have i, a German main, have had to argue FOR the Americans as much as this lol

A better one would be this.

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What is NSRAAM?

That’s an A tomcat. Pretty sure it’s specifically the one used at AIMVAL

F-14A/B can get it, but the program was canceled after AIMVAL, maybe the D can but there’s less evidence.

More than likely a codename for the Agile.

New Short Range Anti Air Missile

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I’m sure we can take some… game liberties

Bit off topic, but do you happen to know if the F-14D recieved a new, potentially digital, PACS similar to the Strike Eagle? If it did it would certainly lead a bit more realism into the F-14D recieving new armaments in game.

PACS being?

You might be able to find what you need in

Real time targeting for GPS guided weapons using the on-board systems of the F-14D Super Tomcat


Integration of the Join Direct Attack Munition on the F-14B Tomcat

with the latter having a ECP blockchart of the upgrades, on PDF page #33

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Programmable Armament Control System. Basically the weapons computer

So the AWG-15H?

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