What is a commander override + What is an autoloader?

So, seeing as how its evident players will encounter this, I decided to get them acquainted with Commander Override and autoloaders.

Commander Override lets the commander take over the tank’s gun in the event the Gunner is incapacitated or takes too long to get the gun on target. No tanks in the early ranks have this mechanic (The earliest one can encounter this appears to be 7.7, when you encounter the Marder A1-)

Autoloaders are reloading mechanisms that load a round from a magazine without help from a loader. (earliest you’ll encounter one is the M4A1 FL10 (?).

USSR vehicles, starting with the BMP-1 without the BMP-1P modification, and later returning for the Object 265 and staying with every Main Battle Tank/Light Tank.

Other countries use loaders too, France, Germany (For a few vehicles), Japan, Sweden and China. Each with different reload times. Each vehicle also has an area that ammo will always be there, if you hit that area, you’ll destroy their ammo, and if they don’t have blowout panels, the tank.