What happened to displacement maps?

From the patch before this last patch I lost displacement maps, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game and I have changed graphics settings. The terrain looks really flat so I am confused as to what has happened, is there a setting that I have to change?. When I launch the game and go into graphics I see an option for displacement though I can’t change it in game.

Here’s an idea just delete the WT steam folder or the WT folder itself. That will probably fix your issue.

I tried that and nothing seems to be working, though after looking around it looks like my Terrain detail setting doesn’t change anything and is stuck at the min. setting regardless of where I place it.

Dude, I said delete it not move it. Fully wipe the file from existence. Afterward, verify file integrity. If your using steam if you are using the launcher off steam then press the wretch and verify integrity of files.

I had it on steam and completely deleted it and the dev server, then downloaded the client from the WarThunder site. I will verify integrity from the client launcher.

Wreck, you didn’t delete your WT steam folder. You clearly uninstalled the game and didn’t remove the files.

I will double check to make sure and if so I will remove everything again and redownload and install.