What does gaijin think the kf41 can rely on to be at such a high BR?

To put it bluntly in my conclusion, kf41 is the worst IFV, it should be at 10.0 or lower. And all other vehicles with F&F missiles also have inflated BR

Currently, the kf-41 has the highest BR IFV in the game (10.7), but how does it perform?

  • Armor
    The hull armor of the KF-41 could not withstand the HEATFS from the PT-76B, the turret armor could not protect against the APDS of the 25mm Bushmaster, and the driver would also be killed by the Soviet 30mm APFSDS.

This protection is almost equivalent to that of Bradley or Dardo or Vilkas. But the KF41 is the heaviest IFV in the game at 44 tons, compared to the significantly better protected PUMA at 43 tons, the Vilkas at 33 tons, and the Dardo at 23.5 tons.

And the KF-41 has a “unique” APS, which is unique in that it is practically incapable of protecting against any missiles.For example, MGM-15B and TOW of 8.3


  • firepower
    One 30mm Mk30-2 cannon + 2 Spike LR2

As an IFV with the highest BR, it also has the least number of missiles to carry(if you don’t take into account those vehicles that don’t have missiles), even the vilkas already have 4 missiles, the freccia even has 8 rounds, and both of them are 10.3 vehicles. I won’t go into too much detail about how bad a Spike missile is, especially since Gaijin directly copy-pastes Spike MR as Spike LR2.
Just imagine, after you fire two bad spikes, you’re just an even worse PUMA.

  • mobility
    1155 hp engine with 44 tons, 26.3 hp/t

This is the only statistic on the KF41 that I think is quite reassuring, and even with the Stock, it feels pretty good to drive. But the problem is that this does not give it a decisive advantage, in battle you are not much different from the M1 or the Leopard 2, the T-80, the enemy MBT is already in your vicinity when you reach the position, and it is clear that the weak firepower of the KF41 cannot kill the opponent in an instant.

So, I don’t think there’s any reason for the kf41 to stay in 10.7, in many cases it’s not even at all as good as the BR lower freccia, QN506, or even PUMA
The presence of this vehicle reinforces my belief that Gaijin’s developers/planners never play with something they make themselves, to the point of putting a good-for-nothing thing in 10.7, or because it’s Italy, Gaijin never cares, just like they do with ariete, otomaitc.


Also, I very much doubt that Gaijin guessed and made it without knowing anything about the KF41, and in a report 2 months ago that the KF41 was missing a radiator, a Gaijin employee said: “We have no confirmation of how and where exactly the radiator was located on this car.”

At the same time, Gaijin is not concerned about the reporting problems of KF41, and has not fixed them for a long time, such as:

kf41 взрыв бк

APS on KF41 on the middel right side not working

KF41 Incorrect thickness of armor on top of turret

KF41 Armor Error Several armors are missing

KF41 Wrong armor numerical reference object Turret armor thickne

KF41 Lynx APS should provide protection against KE rounds

KF41 Mine-proof chassis should be thicker

the real problem is that in the Italian tech tree it therefore goes into autonerf if you had been in the German one it would have been a murderous anti railgun beast


You know Gaijin too well, bro

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