What do you want from the moderation? what should change?

a question that is asked to you (the community), not to the mods.


  • more transparency?

  • less censorship?

  • more status about the current activities of the devs? (like other companies do)

  • More opportunities to vote? (especially when it comes to changing the game, changes to BR. stuff or even BP… etc.)

what would be your suggestions?

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More actual guidance on the forums for those new entrants and those who like to drag up everything else into every thread to make an issue for individuals they genuinely cannot engage with in any sort of good faith.

More prompt action and attendance from Moderators and staff alike on the concerns of the player.

As for the voting, any ‘actual’ votes need to be done in the client, as the forums are manipulatable as has been shown in the past.

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I like the new style of devblogs explaining why they made certain decisions, even if i dont agree with reached conclusion.

More transparency is always good and can prevent lot of misunderstandings, but at the same time i can imagine devs have their hands full sheer volume of suggestions, questions etc.
But thats a problem which could be solved with expanding the dev/mod team.

More voting options also sounds good.

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1.) A return to the old forums instead of this garbage one
2.) A dedicated bug report section on the forums
3.) Suggestions to be approved more regularly & in a timely fashion