What do they mean by speed up?

I just started today because the Fox got added to the game and it is cute and I want it.
On the website it says you greatly speed up research for the Fox by buying the Rooikat. In what way does it do that?
Does it just give me Research points faster which I can use to progress down the tech tree, or does it let me skip some researchs, such as by letting me skip straight to tier 6 and research backwards?

The vehicle their is considered a “premium vehicle”- a vehicle which receives better rewards because you had to buy it.

Premium vehicles give you twice as much RP (research points) as a regular vehicle and if I recall correctly also twice as much SL. It does not allow you to skip ranks, however by earning more RP for each match, you progress significantly faster through the tech tree.

Hope this helps. Any questions let me know.


Thanks! Only other question is an estimate of how long it would take with this vehicle to unlock the Fox and start living up to my username, but I have heard there are a lot of variables, so it might not be possible to estimate.

Weeks, probably. A month or two if you really struggle. But as you said, it is hard to estimate. Depends a lot on how long a day you play, skill level, whether or not you have premium time, etc. etc.

Alright, I better get to work then!

Main thing is actually how WELL you play. Earnings are considerably higher if you win, cap, kill and not die. :)

My research is faster when i do well…not sure if Rooikat is good for this…it looks frail, which usually needs a player that can hide well and kill with first shot (which is not MY case :) ). If you are good with it it will work much better…if not, then you are better of using something that works for you (even if not premium, as long as in the vicinity of what you want to research).

What exactly do you mean by “started today”?

Just so you understand where am I coming from - It is a common thing that new players come in, because they want to play some specific modern vehicle and they want to get it as fast as possible.

This results in two things:

  1. They will get frustrated, because it takes a long time to get there and they have to play in vehicles they are not interested in.

  2. They will get vehicle, they wanted, but they will do poorly in it, because they rushed it. And because of that, they don’t have the experience needed to play at this level, which they would obtain by slowly progressing through the tech tree otherwise.

I am just worried you will end up in the same situation and walk away disappointed.

I consider that to be under skill level. A more skilled player is more likely to do well then an unskilled player. So. But yes, very true.

Because it sounds better than “pay up”?

Very possible!

You are right about #1. The risk is quitting on the way there, not afterwards.

Once I got the vehicle, I will be so happy I will have more motivation to play than I know what to do with.

But for #1 that is a real risk, but what other option is there? I either use all means I have available as costly as they may be to get the fox asap, or I don’t play at all (which might have been the right choice, but I already bought the Rooikat so…)

edit: Oh and by started today I mean I started today (yesterday now).

The other option would be to try the game first to see if you like it, before spending money on it.

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Sadly I would hate it because I don’t got the fox. I won’t know if I like it until I have the Fox.

The game is much bigger than just one vehicle. The high-tier deep end isn’t really the best way to be introduced to and learn the game.

Is the Fox “High tier deep end?”

Its deeper than a player with 20 something games should be. All you are doing is feeding kills to the players who have been playing for a decade.
Gaijin does all players a disservice by allowing new players to buy advanced vehicles in a game they admit is structured for progressive development (I.e. gives experienced players advantages) and does nothing to equalize the vast differences in player abilities. /soapbox

How about I stop at the Eland 90 Mk.7, is that too deep? I can’t play as any vehicles I don’t like.

Almost there! :)

That’s way more impressive than you realize. I’m honestly impressed. Good job, hope you enjoy it!

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