What do the letters on Yak-9 and Yak-3 mean

On some Yaks, there are letters like K or B or T, what do they mean

Different variants with different secondary capabilities. I’ll list them below:


  • Yak-3P has heavier fire power, three 20mm cannons instead of one cannon + two 12.7mm machine guns
  • Yak-3U has modified engine: the VK-105 12-cylinder is replaced with an M-82 14-cylinder, more powerful at low altitude but weaker at high altitude.


  • Yak-9B has a bomb bay with the capability to hold four small bombs
  • Yak-9T has a 37mm cannon in place of the 20mm
  • Yak-9K has a 45mm cannon in place of the 20mm
  • Yak-9U has an improved VK-107 engine
  • Yak-9P has heavier firepower, the two 12.7mm machine guns replaced with 20mm cannons, and the central 20mm cannon can be optionally swapped with a 23mm or a 37mm.
  • Yak-9UT combines the advantages of the Yak-9P with the Yak-9U.
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