What do I do, i didnt mean to but i talismaned my mig 29

Hello people, please help me i talismaned my mig 29 and i didnt mean to i wount play another game in it until i can maybe find a way to get that GE back or un talisman the plane I was going to buy the A2D-1 when the sales come but now i cant because i talismaned the Mig 29 from pressing the wrong button im so mad i just want my 5k GE back please is there a way.

i dont care if you want to remove my mig 29 from my account i just want the 5k GE back

this pic is proof that i havnt played a game in the mig 29 btw

Don’t play it and contact support. No one here can do it.


you have talisman now do not think they will give you back ge its your mistake live with it

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Your only hope is opening a ticket with support…i doubt they will do it (as it would open the door for other abuses)…BUT if someone will it will be support!

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