What crew skills help when using M163 for gun/radar performance

I had to add a new fresh crew slot to make space for my M163 AA vehicle. It has radar but radar locking seems to be unreliable-as in not locking in one go or aim circle seems to be inaccurate even for straight flying planes. Which crew skills should I prioritize. I will forgo repair agility just to maximize my gun/radar performance. I can live with 50 seconds repair and 25 second crew replacement time if I can reliably kill unaware planes around me.

the m163 is hot garbage. Nothing will really help it unfortunately.

I appreciate you boosting this thread’s popularity but I need some real answers. If it is hot garbage, which crew skills can turn it into warm garbage?

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Well id assume targeting on the gunner would help the most as well as commander leadership. But idk how much it will help

I share your impression that the vehicles m163 and hovet are kind of unreliable. Sometimes it works great and sometimes not, but I could not find out yet if it´s just me underperforming. One thing I am sure of is, that the effective range is very short for a 20mm gatling.

Eyeballing and shooting planes that get near 1km of distance is your best bet. It’s radar is poo poo, so get some muscle memory.

I would recommend you to not use that radar. M163’s radar is really bad, you can aim better without the radar with some practice.
I would recommend you to prioritise keen vision, targeting, range finding, leadership and reloading crew skills.

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The M163’s gun isn’t bad, but the radar is unreliable when it comes to target acquisition even within the range - Up to about 2.5/3km

No crew skill will make up for the radar. As for gun handling, targeting, etc - That was covered by a prior post already.

Gunner for gun laying speed,
Leadership for general improvement boost,
Keen Vision for spotting tgts, I think mostly ground vehicles, but it might help with the new crew voice that announces air threats and direction.
Reload isn’t helped in this one because the Vulcan is fed from a drum and its “reload” is the gun cool down time.
Rangefinding apparently doesn’t help in SPAAs since you have to manually lead air tgts and even the aced manual rangefinding is too slow.

It does help if you bring different types of ammo

Range finding is useful against stationary helicopters

It shows some arrows(red) which indicates the general direction of an enemy aircraft.

skDoger has a very good video on this topic