What come the object 260?

the object 260 would be perfect for an event vehicle

i believe it was either a fully fake tank made by wargaming or it was basically the IS-7 as by just a simple google search it appears that the OBJ 260 was the project name for the IS-7 so no real new tank to add and the IS-7 is already in game and was done as an event

Object 260 was the designation for the IS-7 and its early prototypes.

The one represented in WoT is the IS-7 1946, for which a suggestion is here: IS-7 model 1946. The forgotten older brother.

It was real, although there were basically no photos publicly available up until a short while ago

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The Object 260 was the predecessor of the IS7

but only on paper because IS7 was better


The GABTU index (object 260) and the army official names (IS-7, though not really) are coexistant. The GABTU index doesn’t preceed any other name, and is still used after adoption in certain curcumstances.

The vehicle is both IS-7 and object 260 at all points in its development. And as ChieftainWarrior pointed out, my suggestion contains the earliest built IS-7/object 260. The WoT variant was never built, but the 1946 model is very close in both looks and performance.

The one represented in WoT would actually be a 1945 variant, since it carries the 122mm BL-13-1, and thus was never built.

I think there’s some things to say about how accurately it’s modeled too, but that’s another discussion.