What are some good premium lineups to grind with (about 10.0-10.3)?

For some nations like USSR and US it’s pretty obvious, but for many other nations the amount of Premium available at a high BR is very limited. So I’m thinking if I can mash some lower-tier vehicles into a top-tier lineup.

Here’s my ideas, feel free to judge:
PzBtl, TAM 2IP, L/44 as a last resort, Vilkas, Mi-24, Tornado IDS, MiG-21

Challenger DS, Bhishma, Rooikat, Khalid, Harrier Gr.1, maybe Rooivak?

I honestly dk whether I should take Type 90 lol, I don’t really want to go beyond 10.3 but Type 16 and Type 74 feel inadequate at 10.0 (plus no CAS)

ZTZ96A, QN-506, T-69, WMA, Object 122, A-5C

I’ll skip France, Israel and Italy since I have no intention of grinding them right now

CV90105, Christian, Leopard 1A5, VIDAR, CV9035DK, I’m not sure if I should take the CAS since I’m definitely going to 11.7 with the two 10.7 CAS