Westland-Sikorsky WS-70: The Black Hawk goes British

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WS-70 Black Hawk

Hello! and welcome to my suggestion for the WS-70, a Sikorsky Black Hawk built under licence by Westland and proposed to the British Army on 3 different occasions. I feel this should come to game as the British Heli tree is in dire need for diversity and this would be almost nothing more that a Slight model change from the existing Black Hawk in game. Huge credits to @TerikG2014 as he made the Old forums suggestion most of my info came from.



The WS-70 was Proposed as an Import version of the S-70 Black hawk in the Late 80s and early 90s to compliment the British Army’s helicopter force and provide a Medium lift helicopter between the Lynx and Chinook, at the time filled by the already ageing Puma helicopters, the WS-70 was to be built by Westland under a similar precedent to the later Apache AH.1s built under license at the turn of the Millennium.

The Helicopter was first proposed in 1988 and twice again in the early 90s, and had gained quite a significant backing for a future Puma replacement, however due to the end of the cold war and subsequent slashes in British Military funding the Helicopter was never put into full production and was lost to the Ages like other 20th century British projects.

However not all hope is lost, for the Black hawk, under the New Medium Helicopter Currently underway (As of December 2023) the S-70M Has been proposed as a popular option, and there have been talks of a possible license production in the UK.



The WS-70 in flight for a demonstration during the first sales pitch, Both SNEB and Matra Rocket pods are equipped on either side

WS-70 Display being set up at Farnborough in Circa 1988, Sea Skuas being clearly shown as an armament option


Another Display at Farnborough most likely in the Early to Mid 90s, Hellfire’s and Mistral’s being advertised as possible armaments


Another Picture from Farnborough, Again showing a wide variety of armament

WS-70 during Flight demonstrations, a Jeep being suspended by the Helicopter

Photo Dump Warning


Various Extra eye candy for anyone interested



Main rotor diameter: 53ft 8in

Tail rotor diameter: 11ft

Overall length with rotors turning: 64ft 9in

Maximum height to top turning tail rotor:

16ft 9in

Empty weight: 11,780lb

Mission Gross weight: 16,864lb

Maximum Gross weight: 22,000lb

Engines: 2 x RTM 322 Turboshaft engines

Power: 2,270shp (originally T700-GE-701 C 1,940shp engines)

Transmission Rating: 3,400shp (unsure whether the engines were limited or they upgraded the drive shaft)

Internal Fuel: 360gal (1,360l)

External Auxiliary fuel tanks on ESSS System: 460gal (1,740l)

Figures at 16869 lbs, Gross Mission Weight

Max Cruise Speed at 5000ft: 162kt

Velocity to Never Exceed (VNE): 190kt

Service Ceiling: 19,000ft

Hover Ceiling, out of Ground Effect: 10,600ft

Maximum Range at 5000ft: 304nm

Endurance on internal fuel: 3 hours 5 minutes


Four external Hardpoints with provisions for:

  • Hellfire/ Mistral Missiles on Quad mounts
  • Hydra, SNEB or Matra Rocket pods on Single or Dual mounts
  • Sea Skua Anti Ship Missiles
  • Penguin Anti Ship Missiles
  • Various Gun pods varying from 7.62 to 20mm in calibre
  • External Fuel tanks (On inside Pylons only I believe)
  • All armament also compatible with the Standard Black Hawks are also compatible with the WS-70

Place in Game


I feel this should come as the British Heli tree is severely lacking in diversity and just helicopters in general, I feel this would also be a fairly easy addition given the MH-60 DAP already in the US tree and would bring a capable helicopter to compliment the Apache at higher tiers.

In terms of BR this would be the same as the MH-60 DAP as it is functionally identical, with only slightly better engines and the same armament



Westland/Sikorsky WS-70 Blackhawk - Passed for Consideration - War Thunder - Official Forum
File:Westland WS-70L ZG468 Westland Helicopters, Farnborough UK, September 1988. (5589238173).jpg - Wikimedia Commons


+1, very interesting helicopter, would be an interesting end to the utility line in an expanded heli tree

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Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.