Welcome to B34NS! Actively recruiting players!

Hello there!

B34NS is a multinational community, we have members from all over the globe.

We started in March 2021 however our member-base consists of players who have been active since release, myself included.

We have a solid playerbase of regular, experienced players AND newer players alike who primarily play RB and SIM - Both Air + Ground.

We are now looking to recruit regular and experienced players to bolster our forces in both random matches (in which we regularly squad up) and Squadron Battles.

All we ask is that you join our Discord at the bottom of this post, read and accept our rules and be over 18.

If you want to make friends and have fun playing a variety of vehicles and BR’s with a diverse range of players, come check us out.

Come say hi and get involved- join our Discord !! - - - - BEANS (B34NS)


Come and join the ranks! We play all nations air and ground and always squad up, let the good times roll… or fly!

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Sounds like fun :)

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If you like to fly or tank and want to have fun whilst playing with others, come and visit us and see if this is the place for you.
We are looking for people who want to get involved with our community and be a presence in our voice channels and willing to squad with others.

Thanks for reading, good luck in your battles!

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B34NS is actively recruiting individuals to join our growing community of pilots, tankers and captains (oh my)! If you’re looking for a smaller but very active group, then this is the place to be. If you’re interested, come on down to our discord and apply!