Weird thing happening in battle

In this replay my plane suddenly explodes at 3:30 in… I have no idea what happened? The log says I crashed, but I was clearly nowhere near the ground… ??

Anything I can do to avoid something like this?

According to the replay, you dove into the ground at around 3:45. Most likely thing that happened was that there was a connection issue. Happens sometimes but server issues tend to be a bit common when gaijin has the devserver open.

Strange, when I watch the replay from my end, it shows me exploding mid air at 3:30

There is a difference between the replay on your pc and the server one. Your pc has what your end saw and the server one is what the server saw.

When i have big connection issues i lose contact with game…and my tank becomes immobile or plane crashes in server. On my side i can still play for a while, but opps will jump widly…
Only thing i dont recall is midair explosion…it usually crashes to start screen when connection breaks completely