Weird graphic bug makes the game look like a 90s film

For a couple days now my game looks weird, feeling like it has some kind of filter applied that makes it look grainy, too sharp and somewhat low res, not sure the scrrenshots shows it but it all looks off, especially the objects in the background such as the trees and the tower, I desperately need a fix for it, please help.

Do you have NVIDIA DLSS on? Turning it off might help if it is on. Otherwise, try selecting one of the graphics presets in the options to clear your current settings.

Didn’t work

FIXED in the NVIDIA control panel, thank you though

Old Post… Can you explain what you did in there? Having the same issue…

Don’t remember exactly but I just messed around in the Nvidia control panel’s 3D settings for War Thunder and made it look a little better

it happened to me too. were you able to replicate how you fixed it?