Web login steam problem?

So basically i web login with steam account, i log in but when i go back to screen it does not lets me in to the game i tried external web login too but nothing changed.


same problem with PS acc.

I have the same problem.
SkullSagitta issue

Same issue here. Not enough people on this forum are talking about it. I guess its been an issue all day for web browser logins. Ive been trying my Xbox login all day to no avail.

are u still having this issue cause im trying to logon via the web login and its just booting me back to the login screen

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I cant check right now because Im at work, but the issue seems to be going on, people on Reddit are still saying it’s happening to them still.

I’m having same problem. is steam having problem or gaijin’s?

i dont know i can enter with normal accounts (i literally created a new account to try) but people from steam can enter normally with launching the game from steam , so i think the problem is with gaijin

Servers are under maintenance…

I redownloaded the entire game without steam and I’m still having this issue.

I also submitted a ticket yesterday, but haven’t heard back.

I’ve been unable to play since yesterday afternoon

im using the google web login

this was after it was all done. like a hour after words and its still continuing now.

tried this method just now, still cannot enter main game. submitted ticket and no response too.

yeah, cant do it through xbox live either.

yeah, fellow xbox login user here and it still isnt working.

Had the issue yesterday, no issue after rebooting, and starting from the launcher. Try logging into a seperate account with a Gaijin account, and then log out, and log in with yours.

i have rebooted for a windows update and it didn’t work. on top of that, to check it wasn’t a server issue I logged in on an alt acc and tried to log back on through xbox live and still, it didn’t work.

Its something on Gaijins end, they just haven’t said anything about it which is concerning.

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Worked fine for me, I tried three times.

yeah, I agree with you. I feel like they should have made a statement about it by now or at least give a hint that they know about it.