Weapons and bombs firing/Dropping on there own without any input

I know this is going to sound like I’m fat fingering my keyboard or mouse, but I’ve started having issues where weapons would lock on our bombs would drop randomly without any warning. Idk if its on my end or the games end. Is anyone having similar issues or is this on my end?

I’d start with double checking you’ve not accidentally double bound something.

I checked 3 times so far, I originally thought the same thing when I starting having these issues. It first started with my IR/Radar missiles locking on there own onto both friendly and enemies’. I just got out of a match where it dropped my bombs on there own just randomly in the middle of a takeoff.

That is wierd.

Do you use weapon selection?

Yes always unless its just normal IR missiles, Id randomly just have my IR seeker turn on out of nowhere and it won’t always turn off or it launch them just out of nowhere. Out of all the time i’ve played i’ve never had this happen before. I’m going to hard reset my controls and rebind them and see if that will fix the issue.

Yeah, thats not a bad idea. The only thing I can think of, is that there is either something triggering your keybinds randomly. or that you have something double set. Im guessing non-weapon selection keybinds or something.

I think I got it fixed now that must have been my issue I was having.

Thank you for the help.

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