Weapon lock in ground is hard bound to "9"

I have no idea what to do here, I have tried removing the keybind for weapon lock (This keybind is useful for Fire and Forget missiles on ground vehicles), I tend to have thermal bound to “9” due to my mouse having 6 bindable keys that I often use for stuff like Radar, Weapon systems or thermal/night vision… I removed the keybind and I could still lock with “9” using Spike LR which to me is very strange
In any case, I would love to know why this is the case and hopefully it is fixed soon, it is getting really annoying to activate thermals only for my Spike LR’s to lock onto something I am not even looking at

I also have a strange issue, where whenever I rangefind I activate it for a brief second, kinda annoying since I have to unlock it to get rid of the annoying tone and marker…

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Huh, weird how I might be the first to post about this then… I am hoping a gamemaster sees this and forwards it

I did also try to rebind thermals to : ALT+9 but it still wanted to activate the seeker of the missile