We need an urgent high ping kick

Recently noticed a growing community of players from other continents playing with hillarious lagging movement on EU servers…you shoot them, but nothing happens because the position is not real…they spam in chat all the time and when they fly planes you can’t even lock them due to position update failures, you have a lock box 200m underneath the plane instead on the plane aso. It’s very annoying and completely kills the gameplay - plse adress and solve the issue urgently!


Could you record or screenshot the issue?

Sounds more like you have an issue.

Your ping is matter not theirs.
What you see is data coming directly from the game server.
Higher ping = takes more time to send gaming data to server = disadvantage
Lower ping = takes less time to send gaming data to server = advantage
If server didn’t receive your input, then its your internet problem caused by packet loss, not ping.

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I have continuously between 16 and 30 ms Ping…so it is not an issue on my side!

So as i said, its rather server or packet loss problem.
Other player’s ping doesn’t really effect your gaming experience.
Check your replay

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Depends on the kind of lag compensation that Gaijin uses.

In CS:GO for example, maybe even CS2, high ping did provide you some “Advantage” while peeking.

With Gaijin’s dedicated servers on the rack this shouldn’t even happen. How can an individual player lag the server and slow down the game for other players? I believe they would only slow down the game for their own experience. You are connecting to a real Gaijin server, not some kid’s parent’s modem and their personal computer. That isn’t how War Thunder works. Gaijin actually spends money on proper servers, like most f2p games. This isn’t some trashy game where they just have a lobby server for match making, and your mom’s house is the server for the actual gameplay.

Thanks for pointing this out. War Thunder has very expensive infrastructure behind it, the game doesn’t run off a player’s laptop which is hooked up to free wifi at McDonalds. Gaijin is better than that. As a New Zealander I know all about ping of course, due to many games not having real servers. See my other post in this thread.

will try to…

I am now over 25 years into gaming, and as a sw developer I can say that this is completely nonsense.
That may be the truth for slow moving tanks because of a good movement interpolation and prediction…but even there you can sometimes see that a gun was not pointing into your direction when a shot hits you because of desync. When it comes to fast mover with often changed flightpath due to the fact, that an average player tries to hide from AA, the ping is very important, otherwise you will not be able to predict anything since position update is not in time sent to the server. I would be glad if you could just tell me how netcode can smoothen a 350ms ping from a player flying a plane that is moving with Mach 1,5 and how this could not affect my gameplay experience.

It’s probably you or your area. Everybody jumps on the net at certain times, and it all slows down. Gaijins servers run at the same speed doing the same thing, Its everything else that fluctuates and there are hundreds of possible reasons for it.that is online gaming sadly.

Game servers have the role of collecting data from all players within a session, calculating the results, and redistributing them. While the method of data processing may vary for each game, most games prioritize the processing order for players with lower ping. For example, if a high-ping player and a low-ping player simultaneously shoot a gun in real life, the game server would naturally receive the game data from the low-ping player first, leading to the server recognizes that the low-ping player shot first. Therefore, in cases of high ping, even if you actually shot the gun, it may be processed slower by the server, resulting in instances where you miss hitting the enemy player. The visual effect may show the “hit effect” but in reality, it’s not. The visual effect works independently.
Packet loss also brings similar results.

Peeker’s advantage happens because the game server and the game client operate independently. The visual effects in the game client reflect your input from the input device immediately, allowing the player model to move independently. As a result, when you move, you can see enemy players faster, but the data indicating your movement is transmitted slower to the server, causing enemy players to see it later. However, this also means that shooting your weapon is also delayed, so there are pros and cons. However, in games like War Thunder where player models are not as agile as in games like CS:GO or CS2, having a lower ping is more advantageous.

Nice, I am talking about jet fighters and you telling me nutz…awesome…

I am talking about jet fighters here
I bet you didn’t even read it

So the reason i asked for a video is because a game mechanic in this game makes your lock box appear under your aircraft if he is flying low and your missiles miss. It allows people to fly low to avoid missile spam. It affects both fighter jets and SPAA. Not sure how much based in reality it is or isn’t, but something about the aircraft’s waves bouncing from the aircraft into the ground and back at the host.

Heres an example video that i took of the game mechanics:

NeXT-raz0r-cloud yay that is the cause they spawncamp on top tier is more awesome now - they can use fighter jets directly around spwan too… Simply ridiculous how the game mechanic works… maybe it was not enough being spawn camped by tanks and planes that fly too high above spawn to be recognized from AA… awesome!

  1. Jets flying faster than AA missile -bs
  2. Jets outturning a missile with a simple roll -bs
  3. Missiles doing dolphin dances while tracking target path correction-wtf
  4. Even on closest range AA loses track from time to time???

I asume that is made for ppl who bought expensive premium planes but can’t properly fly an airplane -that would be, maybe, fine in arcade but not in REALISTIC TANK BATTLES

I don’t know what that has to do with the topic of high ping though…

You appear to be using the flarakrad. If a fighter is flying too low and it causes the radar to become useless, switch into IRST. bind a button for it. It does not work at long ranges but it fixes the issue you have with radar. Jets are most often not faster than the vt-1 missile. Jets are able to outturn the vt-1 missile sometimes, but your own skill also matters. Vt-1’s have a specific zone where their maneuverability is the highest, at long ranges and at short ranges the missiles don’t maneuver well.

If they have 0 relative velocity towards or away from you, the pulse doppler radar might lose its lock. Use irst.