We need an updated G-LOC mechanic

The community is always arguing with plane XYZ overperforming or underperforming in G-load and whatnot…

Why not make the pilot pass out faster the higher the G it pulls while taking into account crew skills instead of a fixed timer that will make your pilot pass out while going either 5 or 0.5G over his limit?

For example:
pull 15 G you knock your pilot in 1s
pull 10 G you knock your pilot in 5s
pull 9 G you knock your pilot in 20s


A little more nuance would be nice. 👍


I think that is suggestion worthy. Would make crew skills worth more potentially.

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Considering how much time you spend knocked out in the gripen, I wouldn’t mind it. Would make dog fights more about rate fighting rather than just who can put turn the other the quickest. As the meta rn is about ir missiles it would help a lot with dog fights making them closer to sim.

I think this is a great realism thing, and would encourage crew skills like Stamina G-Tolerance to be sought after sooner over the career of the player. We could take a look at training requirements for real pilots throughout the ages to get a better idea of what they should be capable of (G-load, and how long they can sustain).

With the upcoming JAS39’s entire advantage over other top fighters being its initial pull and hyper maneuverability in short bursts, this may cause some disapproval from Sweden players (myself included) and other turnfight-heavy countries. Maybe lessen the effect as game mode gets easier? Arcade as is, Realistic has some correlation with stamina and such, Sim is properly calculated.

I just wish periodical flares wouldn’t stop when you do pass out.

+1 to a skill based mechanic.

Is this not already a thing? You even have Crew Stamina as well which means the more times you G-Lock the less time it takes in the future

It is basically anti-realism, IRL there is only a very samll transition zone between g force being sustainable and g force knocking you out in about 5 seconds.

Gaijin would never implement a fully realistic g loc, considering how it is currently implemented, and would make the instructor hard to use. My suggestion is more “balanced” for a semi-realistic approach which the game revolves around

If it has any effect, is barely noticeable