We need a reload speed buff for the AMX-32 105

So I’m not normally one to buff whine, but I don’t understand really understand how it’s comparable to the AMX-32 120 or even the much better AMX-40 just 0.4 BR above it. It’s an MBT that particularly excels at nothing and not even in an all-around way. Its mobility is bad, its armor is literally non-existent, turret rotation is slow and while its round is good, it’s still just 105mm, meaning it has worse post-pen and angled performance than the 120mm. There’s literally nothing that makes the 105mm be on par with the 120mm version to justify the same BR.

I propose a reload speed buff to atleast make the MBT more viable at its BR, because not only should the round be easier to reload than the 120mm, the turret is more spacious than the AMX-32 120, which should logically mean a shorter reload.

(Yes, I’m aware that I haven’t spaded them yet, but my point about the mobility still stands when even things that are slower than it atleast sacrifice it for armor)

Edit: I checked the devblog for it aswell and even it says that the 105 is supposed to fire faster than the 120

So it makes even less sense for them to have the same reload when even officially you people said that it’s supposed to fire faster.


The dev blog on it made it seem like it would have a quicker reload but it doesn’t, it’s literally a useless tank that pads the grind, such a shame.


Reading the devblog, you’re right, it literally says everywhere that it’s supposed to trade penetration capability for faster fire rate, yet it has the exact same fire rate. This is even more outrageous.