Watch Thunder CUP 2024 and Receive Unique Prizes from Twitch Drops!

Last year after long training and qualifying matches, 8 of the strongest teams earned the right to participate in the most prestigious tournament — Thunder CUP 2024! However, only one team will become the champion in 5x5 RB battles, but which one will it be? Cheer for your favorite team and receive prizes throughout the event!

Livestream with Twitch Drops!

Throughout the three weekends, a wide range of awesome prizes will be available during match broadcasts.

On February 17-18 and 24-25, and March 2-3 from 15:15 GMT!

M1A2 SEP V2 camouflage

F-15J camouflage

Watch Thunder CUP 2024 and receive:

  • M1A2 SEP V2 Camouflage (up to 3 items)
  • F-15J Camouflage
  • Player icon (up to 2 items)
  • “Popcorn” decal (up to 3 items)
  • Dragon Box (up to 2 items)
  • Silver Lions Booster 50% for 10 battles (up to 3 items.)
  • Research Points 50% Booster for 10 battles (up to 3 items)
  • 1 Day of Premium Account (up to 3 items)
  • Universal Backup x2

cardicon_ esport_drops_512

Profile Icon

“Popcorn” decal

Watch the tournament and get Twitch Drops only on the official English, German, French and Russian War Thunder Esport channels!

During the 3 weekends of Twitch drops, you’ll be able to receive up to 21 items. Missed one prize from the stream? No worries, as you’re able to receive it during the next weekend, but you’ll need more stream watch time to get it. If you receive the camouflage, player icon or decal multiple times, you’ll be able to exchange them for Warbonds.

Login to your Twitch accountlink your Gaijin account → click “Allow” to be able to receive Twitch Drops!

FAQ — Popular questions

War Thunder Esport Discord give away!

To keep up with all the happenings in the world of Esports in War Thunder, join our community on Discord! Starting today, we’ll be giving away premium bundles there:

All about the THUNDER CUP 2024 tournament

Just like last year, you’ll see exciting 5v5 (+2 spare) battles in realistic battle mode with markers! This time, it’ll be up to four victories and in the Advance to the Rhine mission. On the battlefields of War Thunder, you’re going to see incredible plays and unexpected comebacks at top tier ground and air battles.

Participating teams will use unique tactics in an effort to win Golden Eagles, part of the $5000 prize fund and compete for the “Thunder CUP 2024 Champion” title!

“Thunder CUP 2024” decal

Meet the updated “Snailonidas” pack

The Kit Includes:

  • “Hoplomachus Snail” decal
  • “Snailonidas” title
  • 300 Golden Eagles



Discord link aint working

How do we get the other skins if they are not in the twitch drops, i want this gripen skin:


What about the rest of the skins shown?

Why no Twitch drop vehicles?

Why can’t it be like Thunder league and we can get a bunch of decent rewards including unique premiums?


and nothing for me, so thats good, I dont need to “watch” this stream


since when did they give vehicles as twitch drops?
unless you are referring to when they did giveaways

As a spectator of the air battles last time, they were horribly boring! Missile combat is lame to watch. Gun fighters would be much more entertaining for the viewer.


Ah yes ‘watching’ we all love ‘watching’ these streams


Yep. You definetly cant right click the Google Chrome tab and select “mute site” that absolutely doesnt work meaning you can leave this stream open in the background “muted”.


o/ me me me i do


AI Strikes Back!

And some high-quality photoshop too…



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They gave free premiums (such as RBT-5) during Thunder league and for regular streams/tournaments they did Twitch drop versions of vehicles like the Chi-ha-Kai and 234/2


More camos will be available in Esport II Trophy that will be announced soon™

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Looked at the schedule. So 30 hours of viewing time for no more than 32 games (8 teams to 4 wins, so probably less) all on Advance to the Rhine?

Yeah compelling viewing there, gotta say. Do you say anywhere what the winners are actually playing for? (Edit: nm, I see it, $5000 so maybe $500 each for the top team.)

No. No, I don’t think I will.

Any kind of Esports event for this game is as peak comedy as it is insulting considering the condition of the game.

Hardest of passes.

Why i can‘t buy this Bundle? That Xbox live shaming…

i missed the chance to get free vehicles ;-;
besides it has been ages since they did those events for those vehicles, the RBT-5 was done in 2015 and the other 2 in 2021, unless they did ones more recently in the past 2 years

The 2nd session didn’t last long enough to get the camo - what is being done about that??!!