Was British Tank Ammo Really This Bad in WW2?

That made me laugh. I think everybody was up to that trick. Propaganda was the greatest weapon of WW2 for sure. Not surprising the truth is buried so deeply sometimes.

Caused quite a bit of friction between the Brits and US, according to Pierre Clostermann in his memoirs. Was good for US morale to hand out confirmed/probable kills to everyone, whereas the brits tried to insist on using accurate numbers for internal reporting.


Very true with everybody trying to do the best for their own.

A bit off topic but I am reading a book about the Einsatzgruppen and how the overstated figures they made up for executions were later used to hang them during the Nuremberg trials.

You have to be careful lol.

The most likely thing is that it would be a firefly, since it is the one that would have the best chance against a tiger, since the 75mm Shermans would have problems with the tiger even from the side.

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Yeah, makes sense.

I don’t understand what point you’re trying to make. Was it the most insane shell ever, no, did it get the job done in 50% times out of all with multiple shots, yes. I’m not saying that is was a useless shell, I’m just saying it takes a bit more skill to use because of the “minimal spall” even though, like someone said, APHE doesn’t always fuse, but in game it’s not modeled realistically. It’s a very delicate balance the game doesn’t quiet have the ability to do.

Lighten up bro

If APHE doesn’t have a chance of failing to fuse, APDS shouldn’t have shell shatter. If HE can overpressure, HESH should also. But this is brits, who have been bottom teir for AGES now.

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Yeah, despite it being “unrealistic” for the game to not have shells that fail, if you make some do it and not all, it’s not fair.