Warthunder wont start

So recently I tried to change the custom kill messages. Stuff like target destroyed. However, when I tried to open War thunder it crashed. I uninstalled it, re installed it and then tried again. Still didn’t work. I tried clearing cache, still nothing will work.
How do I fix this?

I’d delete the file you editted, verify the files in the launcher, and then see if it works.

If it works, then you’ll have to edit the file again properly.

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yooo ty man
after that it has the #menu/aviation is that where im supposed to change it back to normal?

You wanna follow those instructions in the tutorial. It’s all about the quotes, and making sure you don’t wipe out any of the structures that file uses.

What probably happened is you merged 2 messages to one breaking that, or you had a missing apostrohe or comma that made it corrupt.

It’s always good to start a fresh and give it another watch and attempt.