Warthunder VR Mouse Floating to the Right

I was gonna playtest some VR gameplay in Warthunder.
I got a new computer last summer to finally being able to play VR Sim with good fps.
In Realistic and sim both mouse and keyboard and Throttle and joystick/pedals works perfectly fine, but when i start up warthunder in steam VR with my oculus, the mouse coursor start continuesly moving right, it being dragged all the way to the right side of the screen. when im in game the rudder is being full right at all time, unless i pedal hard left, then the rudder is neutral, when releasing it goes back right.
The mouse only act this way in sim, when closing the game and start it up normally it works fine.

Oculus Quest 2
RTX 4090
Amd Ryzen 7800 X3D 8 core

I have the exact same problem. its only VR and also my rudder does wonky things. Its almost fully pinned to the right. Even when I disconect my paddles and even when i switch to mouse view / clear my binds. Looks like a game bug?

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Same here, disconected everything. pedals, joystick, throttle, keyboard, mouse, nothing worked :/

I opened an issue here:

pls let them know that I am not the only one:


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Clearing the cache helped me!


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Great, im trying it now. Have verified the files before but not cleared the cache
Lets hope

DAMN boi, it worked. Wow im having the time of my life here. thanks :D :D