Warthunder on steam, crashes, freezing,

Ever since friday Apr. 5, Warthunder has been freezing and crashing a lot. Sometimes it crashes during a battle, usually while I’m driving to a location or being shot at. It has crashed on the loading screen when I turn the game on though.
The crash always happens when the game freezes but there are usually minor freezes (sometimes a lot) right before a crash.
I’ve tried restarting steam, my desktop, both, closing the game then opening it again. Idk what else to do. Today it’s happening nonstop and i lost around two and a half hours trying everything i could think of. My PC even froze when Steam showed the updating message and i had to unplug it because the power button wasn’t working.
Has anyone else had problems like these? Is there some way to fix it? Or am i just being dumb?