Warthunder must strengthen German tanks

There’s no problem with old-fashioned tanks, but Germany’s Leopard 2 is too weak. Sweden has more than four major-class tanks, but Germany has only an A7V So Germany needs at least three A7V-class tanks, while the Minor Tree gives so many Leopard 2s, Germany now has only one A7V. Please give us more I think Gaijin is too mean

Skill issue if you blindly drive your bound to die.


So is Sweden a good reason?

Give US an A7V equivalent tank or buff Abrams to that level 🤣 goofy post


i think one A7V it’s enough. think about other nation that doesn’t have a “major-class” tanks, like Italy (not for long), France or Japan


And USA, and UK, and Israel, and since 2a7v is the benchmark even the USSR

USA yes and no, the 5s reload time buff they recived makes their tanks balanced (more or less)
USSR has T90, a pretty strong tank
UK and Israel i agreee

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What do you think America lacks Anti-aircraft weapons? Or close air support?
The U.S. has received major weapons, so I think it’s enough You’re being sarcastic because you have enough fighter jets, tanks, and anti-aircraft tanks. What’s in Germany?

At least there are more than two main tanks in other countries. Why should Germany only roll 3 weak tanks???

No. This is completely your fault. Don’t scapegoat other nations for your failure and lacking situational awareness.


what a fantastic sentence to say: skill issue

USA mains: give us 3 seconds reload and then plug the turret ring hole with T_34 driver hatch or the material that made the dumpters in sun city.


as SinisterIsRandom said; don’t blame the tanks. Objectively germany has some strong tanks, not the best in game, but is one of the most powerful nation in war thunder

Thank you for introducing yourself!

Powerful? I hope you’re not serious

You guys are weird, why are you not making Germany get what it deserves?

Forget it, this guy clearly refuses to listen to reason.

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You only play Germany vehicles and never touched anything else, how do bro know other nation’s vehicles didn’t struggle?

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The Leopard 2 is one of the best tanks both in game and IRL, it is the best NATO tank in game being tied with the STRV 122, so what do you want? It to shoot proton torpedos and go warp 6 across the battlefield?

I guess the Leopard 2A5, 2A5 PSO and 2A6 dont exist anymore, by that logic sweden has only 1 2A7V equivelent

You want another? well here, have another A7V: