Warthunder Mobile

So it sounded like a great idea! Warthunder on mobile!

Unfortunately despite all the time and effort developing the game - they forgot to add the ability to log in.
Such a waste.
I enter my WT credentials, then it asks for verification code - which it does not no send.,

I have clicked “resend code” about 37 times now - still no email.

Anyone reading this - if your thinking about downloading it - dont bother.
The only way to get it to work is to create a brand new account through google, it will not let you log in with your normal credentials.
Bit silly but then again it is Gaijin.

Dont waste your time.

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Gaijin blocked ingame ads for me on the same day they added special trophy boxes that can be bought with gold - and gold can be gained by watching ads. Coincidence? Yeah, sure…

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what a coincidence!