Warthunder keeps crashing

After the update I played a few matches but now it just keeps crashing, I’m playing on ps5. Does it also happen to you guys??

Got my first ever in match game crash … I’m out for today. My recommendation … reduce the update cycle somewhat and return to more quality instead of lean quantity.

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I have had 2 crashes since the update. 1st, not even in a match. 2nd, happened right after my first in-match death.

Both required a hard reset/power cycle of my PC.

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I have send like 10 reports by now, I play and I see the game goes weird then bang it crashes then I ho back to the battle and crashed 2 time again in 1 battle???


Yea keeps crashing, 6 times today… screw it

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Just loaded into a ARB game and only one of our team actually spawned an aircraft. Of course, now I’m crewlocked.

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And again. Looks like Bombers and Strike Aircraft spawn in OK, but airfield spawn is f@cked

was stable for a few games of ground but just kept crashing afterwards, rejoined a game just for it to crash immediately, think i’ll be back in a few days

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I had like 4 crashes in 10 minutes while streaming…super fun!

Please fix this.

PC - 3 crashes in ~15 games

Also a flamethrower tank killed my FPS

first battle of the day, suspiciously only 29 players in queue for ground rb, most of the team is crashing into their invisible teammates upon spawning and the whole game crashes a few seconds in with no error message

Windows 10 here
Had 2 crashes Flanders yesterday playing for 2 hours GRB.

Japan is literally a slideshow after spawning a plane, yet the FPS counter displays 144FPS so it was not related to that. It felt like a 144FPS slideshow, IDK how to describe it. Frame skipping?

Weirdest bug with enemy P61C. It was blinking in and out of existence rapidly. Never seen anything like it. Impossible for anyone on our team to hit it.

Mine is crashing too. After the last crashing bout of a few weeks ago, seems like its back again in full force. PC-player and I tried the Windows 7 compatability work around and it does not work or I need to go back and read the patch install again, maybe I did not apply it correctly.

Today, out of nowhere, before i even got to my hangar, The game crashed 4 TIMES!!. Then when i did get into the hangar; it crashed 3 times. My last attempts were joining into battle and the second i spawned (Arcade) i crashed 2 times. A total of 9 crashes in about 8 minutes. Thats a crash every 53 seconds.