Warthunder keeps crashing after "Air Superiority" Update

So I’ve been having this issue with Warthunder crashing on startup. It goes like this: I start the game, I come to the loading screen and then this fatal error comes up (see screenshot).

What I’ve tried:

  1. Updating graphics drivers (Nvidia)
  2. Veryfing files over Steam
  3. Reinstalling the game
  4. Running it in Administrator
  5. Running it in Compatibility Mode Win 7/8
  6. Turning off Windows Defender
  7. Restarting my PC (of course)

Still having the same Issue no matter what.

My Computer Specs:

  • Nvidia GTX 1080
  • Ryzen 5 3600
  • 16gb memory
  • m.2 ssd (where Warthunder is installed on)

Fatal Error Screenshot:
Screenshot 2023-12-15 133349

I hope somebody can help me with my issue, I can provide any extra information needed. :)


same problem with me


Not an issue here

  • i7-10700KF @4500Mhz
  • 32Gb DDR4 @3733 Mhz
  • RTX4070Ti
  • ReverbG2 Version 2
  • Win11 32H2
  • Nvidia Driver 546.33
  • SteamVR OpenXR Client

If I use WMR as OpenXR Client the shadows of the trees are not overlapping in headset giving two different pictures on right and left eye, leading to nausea

Your should not use Windows7/8 compatibility mode
It would make sense to replace the GTX1080 by a RTX 3060Ti or RTX 4060
Eventually you wanna switch your mobo to a cheap Ryzen 5 5800 cpu

It’s happening to me as well and my game worked fine the day before the update. But once the update released my game won’t go past the loading screen and I’ve tried the same things to see if it would fix it but no luck. I can confidently tell you it’s not performance related issue, it’s a game bug that hopefully can get fixed soon.

specs: nvidia 3090ti
-128gb of ddr5 ram
-2tb of ssd

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I have the exact same issue, exact same specs on my PC. Exact same error.
Honestly i think its on either gaijins or steams end. Not sure how, but launching the game via “Manual game update” and opening the game through the launcher did not cite an error. Not sure if its fixed but it didnt crash

same problem here since the update.

doesnt’t matter wich way I try to start the game.

PS: >> but launching the game via “Manual game update” and opening the game through the launcher did not cite an error << like oltsu91781 did WORKED for me also :)

Same here, but on Xbox One S, it was fine before the update. But after this update, it crashes after every match.

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Are you using a custom hangar by chance? After the update I kept getting this error but disabling it fixed it for me. If it’s not that then I got nothing else.

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Thanks, this fixed it!

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Having same issue, game keeps freezing for seconds most of the time, today i’ve had a freeze and game crash. It started happening after update “Air SUperiority” i got twice your specs, but processor is same. Maybe it’s the Ryzen that causes the problems on this patch ?

how is this bad? ? ??

I really think it’s steams end becuase it has happended similar things like this on other steam games i’ve tried and playing

This thread has 1k views, and I’m sure a lot of traffic is from Google. I literally can’t play the game. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it, my drivers are up to date, verified integrity of game cache, restarted PC, turned off antivirus, launched through Steam or manual through launcher. Nothing works.

I don’t even get a Fatal Error or crash message. The game simply closes after a few seconds of being open.

Really a big disappointment, as I recently bought some DLC and premium time and was having fun before this started happening and was going to continue being a paid customer.


it happens to me to
pc specs:
ryzen 9 7900x
rtx 3060 ti founders
64gb ddr5
rog strix x670e

YUP same deal I got that fatal ERROR and tried 3 times to be sure but they just Broke the game until further Notice. Always something after every UPDATE now can’t play one of my favorite games, happening in all modes… Now have to wait for the Next Patch or fix, Update
e… just need to stop adding to a working Game…

This one worked, just a little studdery unlike B4 but,yeah Thanks… Hope they fix it soon for those that are unable to Play.

half of year and still freezing the game after every match, its more important to add infinite grind vehicles than to fix billion of fking bugs and problems in this alpha test game