WarThunder Ground Arcade Mode Basic Guidance

I think “how to play WarThunder” is a Maths problem. There’s such mechanism in WarTunder Ground Battles: If “The number of living tank crew members” + “The number of replenishment tank crew members” ≤ 1, a ground vehicle will be judged “destroyed”, which means there should at least be a driver & a gunner for a ground vehicle to fight. Under the circumstance above, our aim of destroying enemy vehicles during battles changes to “make the available tank crew members for each enemy ground vehicles ≤ 1”. (specially, for Sweden tanks Strv 103 series, we need to knock out all the crew members of them because the commander can drive & shoot at the same time)

So, in order to lead our team to victory, I think we need to follow the 2 principles here for all the actions of us:
1.Try our best to ensure the survival of ally living units;
2.Try our best to knock out enemy living units.
*The “unit” here refers to the crew members of ground vehicles.