Warthunder freezes during launch after the Alpha Strike update

As mentioned, game freezes during launch. I can the lobby sounds, tanks, etc. Playing on steam. Used the launcher. Verified the files. Reinstalled the game. No dice.

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Same here. It is annoying that I have not been able to log in for a week now due to this issue.

So, I had the same problem. I reinstalled the game but now I get an error code with Easyanticheat.

You arent the only one, i havennt played war thunder since the. update because of that

why is there still no fix for this?

I am in the same boat as well. Have not been able to play since the update at all…

For me mouse click and keyboard not functioning in hangar. It first appeared on March 27 and it solved by itself but yesterday on April 3 it came back. Is this because of the update yesterday? What is the solution?

I have same problem from 3.4.2024 … any solution ?

I wish I knew of one has been about a month since I can play the game and it is starting to get quite frustrating. I still have yet to be able to load into the game, it just continues to freeze at the hangar…

Any idea when this will be fixed gajin? It has been over a month and I understand that this most likely a difficult thing to fix, but seeing you roll out patch after patch and nothing being done for this issue but yall can fix how the snow tracks look is getting frustrating…